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PTC - Paid to Click - Paying Sites Twikerz,Neobux,Clixsense

Twickerz is a PTC online from June 2011. They came through the back door, and now they are one of the best PTC sites, right behind  Neobux and Clixsense. Currently the site has more than 80,000 users and that number is rapidly growing. Minimum payout is only $ 0.10 for Paypal users and 1.5$ for Payza users, and there are no referrals limits. Twickerz also have the best Grid on the web (AdGrid is a game, where you click the squares of a grid) and you get a chance to win $ 0.10 to $ 5.00. The frequency of winning is very satisfying. Twickerz guarantees to all members a minimum amount of links per day. There are 8 levels of membership and yearly upgrading price are range from $ 10 Lv1 to $ 900 for Ultimate membership. I suggest to purchase at least Lv1 because it is much more profitable than in the standard. Referrals are unlimited for all levels.Bonuses are provided at all levels for each referral that purchases a membership or advertising traffic.Also it is possible to win a life time membership.Only possible in Twickerz.What are you waiting for??? Click HERE and start making some money.

Upgrade rates on Twikerz

Lot of ways to earn!!! Look at the picture


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